Monday, 18 February 2013

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Google Penguin - A Check on Black Hat SEO Pactices

In April 2012, Google Penguin Algorithm was announced. This algorithm was designed to lower the page ranks of those sites that had made it to the top of the search engine results by implementing black hat SEO techniques. From the time SEO has come into existence Google has always maintained that keyword stuffing and unethical link building techniques must be avoided at any cost. However, many webmasters preferred to ignored the warnings and continued implementing black hat SEO practices for boosting the traffic to their sites. Google has always been very fair in its approach and with Google Penguin it has lowered the pageranks of the sites that moved on to the top by using manipulative techniques. Google Penguin was launched in October 2012. Before Penguin, Google had released Google page layout and Google Panda algorithms. Google's page layout aimed to lower the pagerank of sites that had very little content. Panda focussed on lowering the pagerank of sites that offered poor user usability.
Google keeps on implementing smart ways of trapping sites that have not been optimized as per the white hat techniques. To those who are feeling low after losing pagerank of their sites, I just have one question to ask -" Why did you waste time and effort in implementing wrong techniques"? While Breaking the rules you should be prepared to face the consequences. Those who follow the rules correctly are not foolish and SEO is not all that difficult to implement. When it comes to seo, it is important to understand that there is no shortcut to success. Websites and blogs that offer good content and have implemented the right SEO techniques have greatly benefitted from the time Google Penguin has come into existence. Technorati claim: 9WTG87NZS4YD

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Google Panda - Good or Bad?

How Google Panda changed the meaning of SEO

Eversince the concept of search engine optimization as come into picture we find that webmasters have been implementing all the necessary changes in order to maintain or improve the pagerank of their sites. Google algorithms has changed several times so that the webmasters are able to maintain the quality of their websites. One such change was introduced in the year 2011 and it greatly affected the performance of sevral websites.
Websites that had poor quality content and too many ads embedded in the content lost their page ranks after the implementation of Google Panda. Several businesses lost their page ranks and many webmasters complained about the new change. It is important to understand that Google Panda was essential in order to move high quality sites on top in search engine results. So, now that you know that Google Panda is here why not make the necessary changes in your websites? This will only improve the quality of your site. Google Panda has done what web masters should have done themselves. In order to move up in search engine results many webmasters stuffed their content with keywords. Those surfing on the net were highly disappointed when the search results took them to web pages where they could only find junk content stuffed with keywords. Google PAnda has surely improved the surfing experience for those who are hooked on to the net for all kind of information. So far Google Panda is considered to be the most sophisticated algorithm that google has implemented till date. It is believed that Google got thousands of websites assessed manually. These websites were evaluated on the basis of the quality of content, design, speed, reliability on information etc.

What to Do if the Pagerank of Your Website has gone down after Google Panda has come into existence?

If the pagerank of your site has gone down after google Panda came into existence then there are few things that you will have to change. It is important to understand that there is a flaw in your site that you will have to improve and in the long run this is going to help strengthen the online presence of your site. First of all get rid of the low quality content as soon as possible. Remove the content that is stuffed with keywords. Google Panda does not rank the pages individually rather it ranks the entire site based on the quality of its web pages. Remove duplicate content and optimize the quality of your content. Ensure that your articles provide good information that is unique. The articles should not be too long or too short. A 500 word article is ideal for one web page. The content on your site should be 100% original and should not be copied. The information that you provide on your site should be reliable. As a SEO expert I would like to say that Google apnda should have arrived earlier.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Advantages of Content Marketing

Why Good Content is Important for Improving the Popularity of a Site?

We keep on hearing about how content should be written for a website. Those who want to get their websites on the top rankings of google search results would be aware about the importance of content marketing. In this article I am going to explain the benefits of writing good content.In order to be successful in anything it is important to understand the advantages of conducting the entire exercise as it is the knowledge of benefits that will finally motivate you to give your best shot.

Misconception About Content Writing

There are many companies out there that believe that having a website is just a formality and nothing much can be achieved from it. It is so sad that these companies spend so much of time in building a website and then don't make any use of it. There are many business owners who feel that there are many other important things to do than just writing content for a webpage. Many businessmen also think that content wrinting is just a waste of time. All this only shows that many people are just following the trend without realizing its imprtance.

Benefits of Content Writing

Content is a medium by which your website coneys the message to its visitors. Content helps you to connect with the potential clients. A well optimized contents as a magnet that is able to attract potiental cients to the webpage. when people perform search on google using the rlevannt keywords the inks to your site will be displayed. Visitors to your site will be more than curious to learn about the products and services that you have to offer. More than ninety percent of the world's population now depends on the information provided on the net take their day to day deisiioins. you will have to understand that the people coming to your site are there because they are interested in the services taht you have to offer. If under such circumstances you fail to impress them then you may lose out on some very important clients. The content on your website wrks like a sales executive in the sense that it clarifies all the doubts and provides detailed information about the products and services and the benefits of investing in them. If your content provides good information then the visitors would read more details and call up the customer service for more information. If your content fails to impress the visitors then they will simply close the window and move on to your competitors' websites. So, those who think that no one is interested in reading the content are highly mistaken. A well optimized content will make your webpage highly visible in the search engine results. So, make sure that you take out some time from your busy schedule everyday and invest it in improving the content on your website.

Friday, 4 January 2013

5 Important Tips on Content Writing

Focus on the Quality of Content

Content Writing may seem like an easy task but many people go blank when they actually sit down to write content. Although there are several things that can be said about content writing but I am only going to focus on five important tips that can improve the quality of content tremendously and will help you improve the internet marketing campaign.

Tips for Improving the Quality of Content

1. Write Meaningful Content: Don't stuff your content with keywords. Avoid writing irrelevant content. Many people write pointless things only to increase the word limit of the article. Don't write copied stuff, it is considered as a sin in content writing. Be original in your work.Don't write till the time you have prepared a plan for yourself. 2. Mention the most important points in the first few lines of the content: In order to grab the attention of the visitors it is important to write the most important points in the first paragraph itself. This wil grab atention of the visitors instantly. Explain all the points in detail one by one in the following paragraphs. 3.Make use of illustrations:If you can insert interesting snaps or diagrams then nothng like it. This will help readers to understand the content clearly. Instead of long paragraphs you can write smaller paragraphs with relevant illustrations. 4. Avoid writing long and complicated sentences: Long sentences can be confusing. Writing content in a list or bullet form can also b very useful. 5. Divide content into sub sections: It is a good idea to divide the coontent into smaller sub sections and insert sub heading. This allows readers to move on to the section of their interest instantly.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Importance of Content

Content Marketing

Many people have the wrong impression that content is only required for improving the page rank of a website. This is not true. Many people stuff their content with keywords so that they are able to drive traffic to their site. In this way they may succeed in getting traffic but will fail to achieve their sales related goal. The actual fact is that good content is required to convince people to try out the products and services offered by a website. It is important to master the art of content writing in order to achieve success in online sales. Gone are the days when beautiful websites with colorful pictures were sufficient to convince people. Now, everyone wants a logical explaination. When you create content of for your website you have to put in all details related to your services. You have to explain the benefits of purchasing your products. If you fail to do so you will not achieve anything out of your website. Please understsnd one thing that no one wants to come to your website to check out the keyword density, so please stop stuffing keywords in your content. This is only going spoil your reputation. A person who is actually looking for some information on the product will be highly disapppointed to read a page that provides no useful information. So, please understand the importance of content. Provide right information and don't worry there are many other ways to achieve a good page rank.

Disadvantages of Keyword Stuffing

It is so sad that many businesses invest in a website, employ web designers to make it look good and then stuff keywords in the content to make it look like a spam.... This is truly unfortunate. This also shows that you are only interested in getting traffic and not in generating sales. On page optimisation is essential but one should not overdo it. Experience search engine optimizers may boast about how they can generate huge traffic for your site but ask them once if they can guarantee sales. Anyone coming to a site that has weird content will ensure not to click on the links associated with the site.