Thursday, 10 January 2013

Google Penguin - A Check on Black Hat SEO Pactices

In April 2012, Google Penguin Algorithm was announced. This algorithm was designed to lower the page ranks of those sites that had made it to the top of the search engine results by implementing black hat SEO techniques. From the time SEO has come into existence Google has always maintained that keyword stuffing and unethical link building techniques must be avoided at any cost. However, many webmasters preferred to ignored the warnings and continued implementing black hat SEO practices for boosting the traffic to their sites. Google has always been very fair in its approach and with Google Penguin it has lowered the pageranks of the sites that moved on to the top by using manipulative techniques. Google Penguin was launched in October 2012. Before Penguin, Google had released Google page layout and Google Panda algorithms. Google's page layout aimed to lower the pagerank of sites that had very little content. Panda focussed on lowering the pagerank of sites that offered poor user usability.
Google keeps on implementing smart ways of trapping sites that have not been optimized as per the white hat techniques. To those who are feeling low after losing pagerank of their sites, I just have one question to ask -" Why did you waste time and effort in implementing wrong techniques"? While Breaking the rules you should be prepared to face the consequences. Those who follow the rules correctly are not foolish and SEO is not all that difficult to implement. When it comes to seo, it is important to understand that there is no shortcut to success. Websites and blogs that offer good content and have implemented the right SEO techniques have greatly benefitted from the time Google Penguin has come into existence. Technorati claim: 9WTG87NZS4YD

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