Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Google Panda - Good or Bad?

How Google Panda changed the meaning of SEO

Eversince the concept of search engine optimization as come into picture we find that webmasters have been implementing all the necessary changes in order to maintain or improve the pagerank of their sites. Google algorithms has changed several times so that the webmasters are able to maintain the quality of their websites. One such change was introduced in the year 2011 and it greatly affected the performance of sevral websites.
Websites that had poor quality content and too many ads embedded in the content lost their page ranks after the implementation of Google Panda. Several businesses lost their page ranks and many webmasters complained about the new change. It is important to understand that Google Panda was essential in order to move high quality sites on top in search engine results. So, now that you know that Google Panda is here why not make the necessary changes in your websites? This will only improve the quality of your site. Google Panda has done what web masters should have done themselves. In order to move up in search engine results many webmasters stuffed their content with keywords. Those surfing on the net were highly disappointed when the search results took them to web pages where they could only find junk content stuffed with keywords. Google PAnda has surely improved the surfing experience for those who are hooked on to the net for all kind of information. So far Google Panda is considered to be the most sophisticated algorithm that google has implemented till date. It is believed that Google got thousands of websites assessed manually. These websites were evaluated on the basis of the quality of content, design, speed, reliability on information etc.

What to Do if the Pagerank of Your Website has gone down after Google Panda has come into existence?

If the pagerank of your site has gone down after google Panda came into existence then there are few things that you will have to change. It is important to understand that there is a flaw in your site that you will have to improve and in the long run this is going to help strengthen the online presence of your site. First of all get rid of the low quality content as soon as possible. Remove the content that is stuffed with keywords. Google Panda does not rank the pages individually rather it ranks the entire site based on the quality of its web pages. Remove duplicate content and optimize the quality of your content. Ensure that your articles provide good information that is unique. The articles should not be too long or too short. A 500 word article is ideal for one web page. The content on your site should be 100% original and should not be copied. The information that you provide on your site should be reliable. As a SEO expert I would like to say that Google apnda should have arrived earlier.

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